How to separate and clean your pacifier

January 1, 2022

In the video below you can see how to separate your pacifier to perform cleaning or replace the nipple. You can also read the step-by-step guide below the video.

How to separate your pacifier

  1. Start by removing the ring from the pacifier, by gently pulling it out and releasing it in one of the sides.
  2. Then the other side of the ring can be removed by gently pulling it in the opposite direction.
  3. Then remove the lid of the pacifier by releasing it from the nipple.
  4. Then the nipple can be passed through the shield and the pacifier is separated.

To assemble the pacifier, perform the above in reverse order.

How to clean your pacifier

We recommend that you wash the nipple of the pacifier from time to time. It is not necessary to separate the pacifier after each use, but it is recommended that it be rinsed under the tap.

If you want to clean the pacifier further, you can separate the pacifier and wash the nipple separately under warm water.