We have updated our website

December 2, 2022

On 2 December 2022, we updated the store 's (website's) design and functionality, with completely new exciting functions 👏🏻 In the future, for example, you will be able to filter and categorize items, preview products without going into them and add products to your brand new wish list 🥰

The update has been made in connection with our 2nd birthday, which we celebrate with a big sale in January ⭐ and the functions have been selected on the basis of the many inquiries we have received from you over the past few years 💪🏻

We hope you like our new and more playful look on our website, as well as benefit from the new features - which should make it significantly easier to find and buy your youth products and brands 🔍

What has been updated and changed? 🐾

First of all, we have updated the website's graphic expression, i.e. the way the page looks 🌍 For example, we have updated to a more playful expression with soft clouds around the page, made an extension of our main menu, sprinkled in some emojis and much more more 💖

In addition to updating the site's design, new functions have also been added. You can see the list of the new functions below 📣

What new features have been added? 🎀

We have added a number of new functions to the website, below you can read which functions are new and where on the page you will find them ✅

Filters and categorization
We have added filters and categorization. In future, you will find the filtering options on our category pages. Try it here

We have added product preview. In future, you will find the function by pressing "👁️" (the eye icon) next to a product. Try it here 

Wishing list
We have added a personal wish list. In the future, you can add products to your wish list and save them for later from the product page. Try it here 

Size guide
We have added size guides to all products. You can find the function by pressing "Size guide" on the product page. Try it here 

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