We say goodbye to Norway 👋🏻🇳🇴

October 2, 2022

In the past months, we have tested the possibility of delivery to our customers in Norway, but for logistical and administrative reasons we unfortunately cannot maintain a sufficiently good service. We therefore have to say goodbye for now to our fantastic Norwegian customers 😊

Sales to Norway have ceased at the end of September 2022 ❌


Opting out of the Norwegian market has not been easy for us, but it has been decided on the basis that, over the past months, we have met great resistance from freight companies, customs and authorities as well as challenges with bookkeeping and VAT.

However, it is not necessarily a final goodbye to Norway, but for now we cannot maintain our high level of service, so we say goodbye all of a sudden 👋🏻

Thank you to all our customers in Norway who have supported us during the trial period ⭐

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