Our Christmas calendar can be bought now

October 14, 2022

Christmas is approaching and that means coziness inside on the cold December days. We love gifts, Christmas and... more gifts! 🎁 That's why we've made the Dalille Christmas Calendar , which contains 24 packages, namely one for each of the sweet days in December 🎄 Look forward to opening an infant package EVERY SINGLE DAY 😍

The Christmas calendar consists of mixed diapers with prints from different brands, and is available in a combination of mixed colors, mostly blue or mostly pink - and on December 24, i.e. Christmas Eve, there is of course a very special surprise for you ✨ But of course we can don't reveal what is, but enjoy! 🔮

When you buy the Christmas calendar, it corresponds approximately to two packs of nappies, plus the extra surprise ⭐

The Christmas calendar can be purchased by clicking here ➜

Pre-order and get delivered before December 🔮

The Christmas calendar is adapted to you and your color wishes, including mixed colors, mostly blue or mostly pink ✨ You must therefore pre-order your Christmas calendar, no later than November 20, so that we can wrap your gifts 📅

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